What You Should Know About Hard Drive Degaussers


If you ask most people what degaussing is, chances are that they would not know. Basically, degaussing refers to the complete erasing of data from storage devices such as hard drives, memory drives and others. Majority of hard disks have a magnetic strip where data is stored. Degaussers work by producing a strong magnetic field. When a data storage device such as a hard disk is put in the magnetic field of a degausser, the data stored will be erased/

When you erase the data on a hard disk using the PC, the data is not completely wiped off. The data that is deleted is usually stored on a compartment of the hard disk that can be accessed through different recovery processes. Degaussing is the only sure way of completely erasing the data on a hard disk. In fact, most companies and business institutions use degaussing to erase data on their hard drives. Find out for further details right here protondata.com.

How a Degausser Works
The easiest way to understand how a Degausser works is to start at looking at how data is usually stored on a hard drive. Generally, hard drives have a magnetic strip where data is stored on. When you turn on your PC, the data on the magnetic strip in the hard drive is read and converted to digital format. The digital format is what the end users see in form of text, video or audio from the hard disk. Here’s a good post to read about hard drive shredder, check this out!

The magnetic strip of a hard disk is destroyed when the storage device is introduced into the magnetic field of the degausser. When a hard disk is brought into the magnetic field of a Degausser, its magnetism will be destroyed and the data randomized. Thus, no data can be recovered from the hard disk after the strip has been destroyed.

Which Degausser Should You Buy?
You can purchase different types of degaussers in the market. It is important to carry out research prior to buying a degausser. Since not all degaussers work in the same way, it is only logical to research before buying. Among the most common degaussers are the electromagnetic type. The degaussers charge a degaussing coil to produce a magnetic field. Permanent magnetic degaussers are the other common option you can choose. You can operate these degaussers without electricity since they usually have a rare earth magnetic. Degaussers may also be built for specific activities. For instance, you can purchase degaussers that are specifically meant for mobile operations.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a degaussers is its ability to erase data. The performance of degaussers is determined by their maximum magnetic field strength. Degaussers that have stronger magnetic fields can erase more data.

Follow the guide above when looking to buy a degausser. You can click this link https://www.britannica.com/technology/hard-drive for  more great tips!


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